June 2-9, 2024

Registration Opens Mid-October 2023.


What is a Barkadventure? 

This is the next evolution of the Barka experience - an opportunity to not only photograph dogs in an out-of-this-world location, but also a chance to truly explore a location with people that are YOUR people. 

Essentially, if a Barkadventure was a mixed-breed dog - it’s parents would be one part dog-photography workshop and one part luxury adventure travel tour.  Check out the tentative schedule below - each day will consist of a photoshoot and an activity while we travel as a group back and forth along the southern coast of Iceland.

Tentative Schedule

We are still working on the exact schedule, but this is a high-level overview of what we are planning.  Obviously it is subject to change and a more detailed schedule will be available closer to the registration date.

➡️ Explore the culinary delights of Iceland on a food tour.

➡️ Spend the night at a hotel in downtown Reykjavik.

➡️ Photograph at the Hallgrímskirkja church in Reykjavik 

➡️ Enjoy a soak at the Sky Lagoon. 

➡️ Spend the night at a luxury property on the Southern Coast of Iceland 

➡️ Photograph Icelandic horses in epic Icelandic surroundings 

➡️ Speed your way on an ATV over black sand beaches or relax for a spa day. 

➡️ Stay for our 2nd night at the same property. 

➡️ Photograph dogs on the basalt columns and black sand beaches near Vik. 

➡️ Enjoy a horse ride through epic Icelandic landscape or relax for a spa day 

➡️ Stay for our 3rd night at the same property. 

➡️ Take an epic tour to the glaciers to explore - and photograph dogs! 

➡️ Stay the night in a property near Höfn. 

➡️ Explore a puffin colony on a photo tour.  

➡️ Photograph dogs on diamond beach - a black sand beach that has sparkling chunks of glacier scattered throughout. 

➡️ Stay a 2nd night at the same property as day 5. 

➡️ Drive back to Reykjavik with a fun stop or two on the way. 

➡️ Spend the night in a hotel in Reykjavik. 

➡️ Head home or extend your stay in Iceland for your own experiences. 


The image shares from the photography sessions continue to be one of the most valuable pieces of the Barka experience - however we will likely be unable to properly host image shares during the event so we will host a virtual image share party after the workshop!  These images will be epic so we will need to collectively ohh and ahh over everyone’s images together! 

Who is
hosting this Barkadventure? 

Barkjavik will be hosted by your fearless Barka leaders - Kaylee Greer from Dog Breath Photography, Charlotte Reeves from Charlotte Reeves Photography and Unleashed Education, Nicole Begley from Nicole Begley Photography and Hair of the Dog Academy.   Craig Turner-Bullock from Furtography and Unleashed Education will also be a guest instructor for Barkjavik!  We have been leading incredible photography retreats all around the world since 2016 and have a combined 60+ years of pet photography experience. 

Kaylee Greer

Dog Breath Photography


Craig Turner-Bullock

Furtography & Unleashed Education

How is this different than previous Barka experiences? 

Our classic Barka experience is 5 days and 6 nights at a single (epic) location and we spend our days splitting time between the classroom, photographing, and eating.  Two of those three will still be very prevalent in the Barkadventure -  photographing and eating.  Our lawyers recommended that we add this disclaimer.  *We, the Barka organizers, bear no responsibility for the extra weight that can happen during ALL Barka experiences.*.  🤣

The biggest difference is that instead of classroom time, we will spend our time enjoying the location by connecting and exploring.  We will also be moving to different accommodations throughout our journey - and that journey will be a little bit longer than a classic Barka. 

This doesn’t mean that you won’t grow or learn during the experience - as you certainly will!  It just means that the learning will not be through "presentations".  The learning will take place through conversations in an Icelandic hot spring or ideas that pop-up while ATV-ing on a black sand beach. 

The photography sessions will remain similar to our classic Barka experiences with a maximum of 4 students shooting with one instructor and a 2 photographers to one dog ratio with the instructor available to guide you during your sessions.

Who  are Barkadventures for?


Barkadventures are best suited for intermediate to experienced pet photographers.  These are photographers that are comfortable photographing dogs in a variety of settings and have a strong knowledge of camera settings. Looking for a workshop that includes more instruction and is more suited to helping you get started on your pet photography journey?  Check out the Houndvision workshops held in North America, or the Unleashed Workshops held in Oceania.

Will the original Barka experience return? 

Most likely yes!  The Barka workshops are the ORIGINAL luxury pet photography retreats - hosting throughout the world since 2016.

We don’t have exact dates or locations at the moment, but we will likely host another classic Barka experience in 2025.  If you add your name to our waitlist, we will send any updates for all of our upcoming workshops directly to your inbox!

How much will this cost? 

This Barkadventure will be a similar per night cost as a regular Barka experience - but since this event will be 7 nights and 8 days we expect the price point to be in the $8500-$9500 range.  All accommodation, food, transportation, and activities are included in this price - you just need to get yourself to Iceland and be responsible for your transportation to and from the airport do downtown Reykjavik!

Can I bring a guest? 

The registration is based on double occupancy with a shared room at all hotels.  There will be limited opportunity to bring guests for an additional fee.  Guests will be able to join us on all activities and can attend the shoots, but as an assistant (or cheerleader) without shooting. 

When does registration open? 

We're finalizing details with our partner travel agency and expect registration to open in mid-September.  This will be held as ONE session only and will likely fill before ever being fully released to the public. Don’t take the chance of missing it and add your name and email to our waitlist!   If you are a Barka alumni, you will get the first chance at applying! 


More details will be announced during the summer of 2023 - and registration will open during that time.  This will be held as ONE session only and will likely fill before ever being fully released to the public. Don’t take the chance of missing it and add your name and email to our waitlist!   If you are a Barka alumni, you will get the first chance at applying!